VenuCare Medical opened its doors in  2011. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, VenuCare Medical operations now encompass the entire Southern California Area, covering multiple events weekly. Our management that has have a combination of over 10 years ems experience, we are one of the most prepared special event medical service to handle any major medical or traumatic event that could occur at your special event. During your event you not only have the resources of our on scene staff, but with a single radio call to our 9-1-1 communications center that we connect with, the on scene crew can bring in any number of resources from our 9-1-1 system as well as the assistance from the local Fire Department to help mitigate any situation that would arise.


Each of these events has given us the opportunity to learn and fine tune our operation.
This experience will be passed onto your event to ensure that it goes as smoothly as it can.



VenuCare Medical was founded on the Philosophy of Providing Professional, Reliable and Compassionate Medical Standby Services, Providing both the Client and patient with Superior Medical Services.  All of our Providers are Highly Trained at the State and National Level.Much of our success is the result of Innovations, Dedication of our Employees and Excellent Customer Service. You can be assured every patient receives the best care from the most professional and dedicated Special Event Medical Service Provider in the Area.  We are here to handle any and all of your Medical and Safety Needs.


As a result of our commitment to the needs of our customers, as well as the quality of our employees, VenuCare Medical provides event coverage to over 20 different Counties in Southern California every day of each year. From our 24 hour dispatch, VenuCare Medical provides a one stop opportunity for customers to meet their event standby needs for medical coverage.

​When Starting  VenuCare Medical, My goal was to provide Effective and Reliable Care all within a matter of Seconds, if an Emergency should happen. When building VenuCare Medical I  took all my previous experience within the Medical Industry and started changing the way medical care was provided at Special Events and Venues. Our Services are far more Superior then any of our competitors and I urge you to take a chance and see the Innovations in Special Event Medical Services. I have created the Foundation and Structure to provide Onsite Medical, Ambulance Standby Services and First Aid Services to patrons without the delay for Medical Help. We will be happy to work with your needs and Structure a plan that works Best for you and your Business.

Our 9-1-1 experience and training with Mass Casualty Incidents makes us the perfect partner for your event to ensure that all of your participants and patrons are in good hands. We even offer free Over-The-Counter Medications, as we have a 101 item list to anyone over 18-years of age, working at or visiting your event, with the purchase of any of our standby services. Our First-Aid Booth service is also availible.


Additionally VenuCare Medical takes great pride in working with, and providing service to, event promoters, production companies and other Clients in Southren California.

We Look Forward to Working With You!

-VenuCare Medical