VenuCare Medical is an Medical Provider Specializing in Special Event Medical Services. Our reputation has been built on a commitment to prompt Response Time, Compassionate Care and Dependable Service to the Venues, Stadiums, Production Teams  and Event Promoter’s we serve. VenuCare Medical is located in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV with our Los Angeles and Las Vegas Office Providing EMT, Paramedics Nurses, Medical Doctors for Film Set, Private Party  Events, MMA, UFC, Fairs, Concerts, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Convention Centers and Venues .


 If You have Medical Needs for your Stadium, Venue or Upcoming Event! We have the Solution! 


During your event you not only have the resources of our on scene staff, but with a single radio call to our 9-1-1 communications center that we connect with, the on scene crew can bring in any number of resources from our 9-1-1 system as well as the assistance from the local Fire Departments and Ambulance Providers to help mitigate any situation that would arise.